Hume’s and Kant’s

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Hume’s and Kant’s

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Hume’s Principle of Induction
In the Treatise of Human Nature and Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding, Hume aims to fundament his argument concerning induction as the foundational stone of his philosophy. Consequently, induction became his most influential and known argument and an important part of the rationalist philosophy. Nevertheless, there is not much consensus on how Hume should be interpreted. This means there are two possible interpretations of Humes process of induction. The first one considers Hume as a thorough skeptic who considers that all the possible arguments regarding matter of fact and existence as completely worthless. This view portrays Hume as a negative Phyrronian who tries to undermine our potential knowledge of the world (Millican 3). On the other hand, the other perspective places the English philosopher in the other extreme as a non-sceptic who tries to show the implausible consequences of the rationalism position that most of the philosophers around him took.
Therefore, to provide a clearer version of the argument, as well as a thorough explanation of the idea, this essay shall use both versions of the argument of induction found in Hume’s books. Here we shall place both arguments side by side and comment on both, explaining them and showing what has been the so-called “Problem of Induction” Although Hume never used the word “induction”, he enquired on whether causal relations between objects existed or not. To him, these connections ar…

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