Hume, Socrates, and Plato’s beliefs.

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Hume, Socrates, and Plato’s beliefs.

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Hume, Socrates, and Plato’s beliefs
How Socrates is the first Philosopher of Ethics
Socrates is considered as the first philosopher ethics because of his underlying belief that ethics revolves around wisdom, maturity and love. He introduced the idea of teaching ethics and accepted code of behavior in 400 B.C (Peterson 14).
According to Peterson (36), Socrates believed that there was a close relationship between knowledge and virtue which he believed was “the good.” To him, “the good” were actions that were reasonable and positive if those actions were weighed by the ethical and understanding of virtue.
The point in ‘The Allegory of the Cave” by Plato is to express his idea of the ignorant humanity. He uses the cave to illustrate how humanity has been trapped in the jails of ignorance and that things are not the way they see they are. He explains that humans do not see that real objects but the shadowy part of the things. His claims are supported by the several examples he uses. First, he replaces the cave metaphor with a movie theater. He describes that the projector represents fire while the film represents the objects that cast shadows on the walls of the cave. The speakers produce an echo behind the screen. The main point of The Allegory of the Cave is that there were invisible truths that were lying under the surface of things. The apparent surfaces of things were not the way they seemed to be.
Plato’s idea of the forms is…

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