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Human Resource Management Reflection
Not only do top managers impact businesses but also do their subordinates. Businesses are adversely affected when the managerial team retire or step down leaving positions that require competent individuals whose strategies align with the goals of the organization. While leadership development and successive planning in organizations may appear unnecessary, it is imperative if organizations seek to ensure continued success.
Successive planning involves identifying the right people who are a strategic fit for the leadership positions that ought to be filled. Mentoring these people ensures preparedness, familiarity, and mitigation of resistance after the appointment. Successive planning is also achieved through constant assessments and evaluation; and mentorship which encourage development and critical observation of future leaders (Cohn, Jeffrey, Khurana, and Laura 64). Further, it creates a talent tool for executives to pick managers who fit roles and provide necessary skills that the company seeks. As a result, management can maintain a balance between the demand and the supply of relevant skills set.
The article is a reflective piece on one’s perception of leadership and HR duties. Although I understood the role of HR in ensuring tasks were aligned with an individual’s skills, I have realized that CEOs and line managers are also tasked with the responsibility of guaranteeing c…

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