Humanity in the Face of Primal Instincts

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Humanity in the Face of Primal Instincts

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Humanity in the Face of Primal Instincts
Human beings tend to exhibit primal traits that they deem desirable in the circles they find themselves. Hate, love, passion are among the primal characteristics that humans, notwithstanding the nature of the occurrence, exhibit depending on who is within their company. In ‘’The Dead” by Michael Swanwick, the greed of human nature comes to light; the rich ‘zombify’ the dead so that they can serve them in their various quests to maintain the economic status quo (Swanwick). The nature of humanity extends beyond the living state. In “Dust Excerpt” by Joan Frances Turner, the undead despite being monstrous creatures, they exhibit the daily struggles of human life (Turner). Humans would always wish to see the positive part of something no matter the situation at hand. In ‘’This Year’s Class Picture’’ by Dan Simmons, when the children become zombies, Miss Geiss continues to teach and care for the child zombies as if they were her students, all in an attempt to show compassion and survive in the process (Markov). The three writers take different paths in elucidating who humans become when controlled by their primal nature.
There are limited things humans can abstain from if any when it comes down to prolonging their lives and living comfortably as an individual. In ‘’The Dead”, the dead get raised so as to provide cheap labor in addition to helping ser…

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