Human Trafficking

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Human Trafficking

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Background of Human Trafficking
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Background of Human Trafficking
Trafficking of persons from one place to another is a grave offense and a serious violation of human rights. By the end of each year, numerous children, men, and women are subjected to such heinous crimes and fall into the hands of international human traffickers. Almost every part of the world is affected by this plague. United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (2015) defines human trafficking as an act that includes recruitment, transportation, harboring, transferring of people by means of the use of force or threat along with any other form of coercion. It can also include the domains of fraud, abduction, deception, abuse of power and exploiting vulnerability of persons. Exploitations can include but not limited to, prostitution, sexual exploitation, slavery, forced services or labor and/or removal of organs.
Background of Human Trafficking
Human trafficking is quite similar to any other organized crimes, and it has a number of elements associated with it. Following is a pictorial representation of different elements of trafficking:

Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 1: Elements of Human Trafficking (UNODC, 2015)
Based on above definition of the human trafficking following are the key elements associated with human trafficking. The first element is the act. It includes different steps that are taken for transportation, recruitment, harbor…

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