Human Resource [Tri-Health]

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Human Resource [Tri-Health]

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The HR Strategy – The Trihealth Official
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This research is an evaluation the of human resource functions at Tri-health organization in regard to the kind of medical services the company provides. The analysis is based on the general outlook of the common roles that are consistent with most human resource departments in many organizations across the world. The research further delves into the specific role of human resource especially aspects such as management which is very strategic in shaping the type of composition of human resource in an organization. The long term and short term impacts and effects of roles and rules applying to employees have been extended and explained with regard to the human resource function. The research further delves into the proposed new role highlighted under the audit function. The audit function has been elaborated as a very significant role or function in the internal department in ensuring the best practices are adopted. The audit function can also be an external function for purposes of more independent and objective analysis of the company’s matters. The audit function comprehensively facilitates the human resource function.
Keywords: Human Resource Management., Strategic Sourcing Strategies, Enrollment techniques, Recruitment, Human Resource Capital, Internal Controls, Hiring Policies.
Human resource capital is vital for any organization therefore forming one …

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