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Human Resource Metrics

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Human Resource Metrics
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Human Resource Metrics
Discussion #1
Metrics are a harmonized or standardized means that have been put in a position to assist the management in assessing the progress, the performance and the quality of a plan. They can be defined as simple ways put in place to assess the organization progress. In the management of Human resource as aligned to the goals of the organization, the HRM departments come up with various independent steps that are meant to facilitate productivity and profitability (GetFive, 2013). In the process of analyzing and assessing the performance of these developments, various metrics are applied. Using metrics in assessing the quality of staff and their role towards the achieving the roles of the organization has the advantage of uniformity as well as room for a wholesome look at the efforts that staff make towards achieving the goals of the organization (WorldatWorkTV, Feb 10, 2014).
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Discussion #2
There is the application of different HR metrics to…

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