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Human Resource-Management

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Human Resource Management (Case Study)
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According to NLRB (2015), a construction contractor fired five of his employees after some of them filed a complaint in a YouTube video on the hazardous working conditions in the construction company. The workers issued the complaint when they learned that they were constructing the concrete foundations at an individual site, and they were worried that the soil on the site was contaminated with arsenic and other hazardous toxins. More so, the construction contractor required them to put on some badges regarding them as well trained to handle the hazardous materials on the site. In a real sense, the badges belonged to other employees and they had never trained.
Three of the workers took the concerns publicly in a YouTube video hiding their faces in a shadow to avoid retaliation. However, within several days, the three workers together with other two employees who were their friends lost their jobs with Rain City Contractors. The NLRB came in and opened a case with the NLRB regional office and the case settled with the employees receiving a full back pay and declining the reinstatement. As the days passed, the employer continued threatening and interrogating other employees and telling them not to talk about the working conditions with outsiders.
After a follow up on the investigations on the charges against the construction company, the NLRB regional officer said that the…

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