Human resource management 5

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Human resource management 5

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Human resources management practice comprises several concerns. One of the major concerns of HRM is how people are employed and managed within the context of the organization. The chief objective of human resources is to ensure that the organization achieves its goals and thus success through human capital (Donate, Peña, & Sanchez de Pablo, 2016). It is also the objective of human resource management to increase the efficiency of the organization as well as its ability and capacity toward the achievement of the organization’s objectives. This is done alongside the best utilization of the available resources. This implies that HRM often deals with organization design, organizational development, and behavior, rewarding employees, performance management, employee relations as well as people resourcing.

In this context, HRM organization performance can be defined as the extent to which the organization’s human resources contribute toward the achievement of the organization’s goal (Daley, 2012). Therefore, performance management is a regular process that aims at improving the overall performance of the organization by improving individual performance and thus team performance. Performance management strategy is practical as it provides procedures for the study (Jiang, Lepak, Hu, & Baer, 2012). Therefore, it is all about setting the stage correctly, and hence performance management is an important tool for management in regards to the decision taken and implemented by th…

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