Human Resource Accounting

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Human Resource Accounting

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Human Resource Accounting
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Human Resource Accounting
Week 1
Labeling employees as human resource is no longer a factor of production in an organization. It stretches beyond Brocaglia (2006) argument that essential resource in any organization is the people. Current organizational requirements call for human resource to focus on corporate growth to allow the organization or company move from its functional approach to product design approach. Labeling employees as a human resource wills enable them to align their accounting practices with demands in the market. The view Brocaglia (2006) provides is that labeling helps them focus on strategic development to support the organization reach even further improvement in product and service delivery. Youderian (2013) looks at the argument differently adding that seeing employees as a human resource will make them feel they are part of strategic goals of the company Recent studies have focused on the connectedness between human resource and accounting practices. Discussing ways of mastering the cash flow statement, Jun (2008) showed that a company could benefit when they have resourceful employees who move from old-school accounting values. The argument Jun (2008) postulates are in line with Brocaglia (2006) view that employees will invest their time in practices that create investment to the company when they feel they are treated as a human resource rather than just an employee.
Week 2
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