Human growth and development

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Human growth and development

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Human Growth and Development
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Numerous development theories have been proposed to identify the growth phases and milestones of human beings, from infancy to adulthood. This paper focuses on such phases and milestones. There has been a protracted debate on the influence of either the nature or the nurture on the growth processes and milestones. The primary question has always been whether people are born in a particular way or human behavior is wholly dependent on the manner in which they are raised. The emphasis on nature underscores the role of genes and biology in determining the growth of children. Conversely, the focus on nurture is on the role of experiences in life through various settings, which include family, school and amongst others. Infants, preschoolers, as well as adolescents develop both in a similar and diverse way. The purpose of this essay is to find the connection and dissimilarity, with regards to the development of these individuals.
Keywords: Development, Infancy, Adulthood, Human Behavior
Children in preschool are physically active, and most cannot sit still for a long time. They are clumsy at throwing balls. On average at the age of three, children are three feet in height and weigh about thirty-three pounds; they gain about four to five pounds per year during their preschool years and grow by about three to four inches per year (James & Prout, 2015). Regarding cognitive develo…

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