Human Becoming Theory-ER Practice Setting

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Human Becoming Theory-ER Practice Setting

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IntroductionThe human becoming theory was presented as an ideology by Rosemarie Rizzo in the 80s. The theory briefly states that there is a different way in which medical practitioners can address the health issues of their patients. The nurses and other medical professionals have the options of paying attention to the individuals well being. This is addressing their physical as well as spiritual wellness. This paper intends to find a point where the ideologies suggested by Rosemarie cross with those of the practice of an emergency room nurse. This will be achieved by first reviewing the theory and thus providing an exemplar that puts the theory into practice. The selection of the theory is crucial in that services offered in the emergency rooms are often holistic. Having the skills to help a patient based on their wellness will help in ensuring that a nurse working with such patients experiences an increased rate of success.
Theory ReviewBasis for Choosing TheoryBeing involved in the ER profession brings one to ask many questions about humanity. A dedicated nurse like me would often look for ways of helping out their patient. This is because the physical services availed to patients have often been found to be inadequate. Therefore, discussing and disseminating such a theory would serve to add one’s capabilities as an ER nurse. This theory has specifically addressed some of the issues that most ER nurses have found to be difficult in addressing (Parse, 1995). For instance,…

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