HTC Virtual Reality Ecosystem

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HTC Virtual Reality Ecosystem

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HTC Virtual Reality Ecosystem
HTC plans to develop its virtual reality (VR) business segment by working in partnership with other stakeholders in the virtual reality industry to come up with new initiatives and products (Yoffie et al. 2). However, the company acknowledges that there is tough competition with other market players such as Samsung, Sony, and Facebook’s Oculus. Despite the competition, HTC continues to hang on to its vision to unite technology, humanity, and the power of creativity so as to uncover human imagination from the impediments of reality. The company further believes that going forward, there is a huge potential for the growth of the VR market. For this reason, the company seeks to expand its VR product portfolio beyond gaming to include aspects of medical treatment, education, business, journalism, and travel (Yoffie et al. 8). Additionally, the company foresees a situation where VR and AR will be blended into one device. The firm is optimistic that this is achievable owing to its strong problem-solving prowess, world-class engineers along with its history of combining software and hardware.
Pursuing innovation in both hardware and software & services will be beneficial to the company because it will lead to the development of better products which will, in turn, result in higher sales. Many customers have complained that some VR products in the market have poor display resolution, illumination, and…

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