HRPO case 21 Change

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HRPO case 21 Change

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Managing Change in an Organization
Ingrid is in a better position to manage the dramatic changes since dramatic changes require a person who is focused on his job and hard working. In this case, Ingrid is likely to use his good ethics and sound human-relations techniques to engage with other employees in a good manner that will help them achieve the intended objectives. Whenever a conflict arises concerning the changes, she is likely to use the sound human-relation techniques to solve the problems
A well-managed and logical change strategy should be centered on the other people for it to achieve its main objective (Hiatt and Creasey 29). For a company to achieve a successful change process, it needs to link the logical to the emotional perspective towards the change. If the behavior of the workers is considered in equal measure as the strategy and the operation model, there is an excellent chance that the transition will be successful. Educating the other employees about the change is the best method of showing them the importance of the change (Hiatt and Creasey 41).
Research indicates that change should be introduced to the employees in a logical and well-managed way. This will help the staff members to understand the importance of the change and the advantages that come with the dramatic change. Moreover, it gives the other people an opportunity to present their opinions about the change and the impact it may have on them….

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