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HRPO case 17

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HRPO Case 17- Human Resource ManagementIn my opinion, Bjorn is not lazy from the fact that he garnered technical skills beyond the levels of his classmate. Perhaps Bjorn underestimated his intelligent and capabilities after finding that people have accomplished more than him, thus realized he knows a little in the working field. Also, I think the problem with him is lack of understanding that intelligence alone is not sufficient to recognize someone’s potential. For a person to reach a journey of success, he or she should coordinate with other team members, watch their doings and make an effort to clarify issues.
To become a self-motivated professional, Bjorn needs to realize himself, think independently, live a purposeful life, have clear directions and faith. Individuals who are self-motivated ensures they get it done in the real world, and they are a type of characters that any companies would want to have. Bjorn need avoid getting busy studying people and waiting to be instructed; he ought to think outside the box, know where he is going and why. One way to build professionalism is increasing interpersonal skills. People like Bjorn need to understand the importance of teamwork and should have the ability to get along with each other. In employment field there is no competition unlike the academic levels, people work for common goals and enjoy achievement together.
Motivation is essential since it does not make individuals depend on …

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