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HRPO Case 16
From the case study, we see that Lorraine has been absent from work excessively although she is very good at her job. Lorraine’s absenteeism can be defined as chronic absenteeism since she is absent from work on a regular basis. Firing Lorraine may not be a good decision at the moment. Loraine is very efficient in her work and understands her job very well. Finding a suitable replacement for Lorraine may not be easy. However, Mr. Hodges should issue a warning letter to Lorraine stating that the company will not have an option if she does not improve her absenteeism.
Mr. Hodges should make a performance improvement plan to help Lorraine understand and be accountable for the work she missed and how her absenteeism has resulted in decreased productivity, reduced revenues and extra costs. Mr. Hodges together with Lorraine should agree on a sick leave plan policy which allows her a certain number of days to use when she or her daughter falls ill.
Absenteeism is the habit of failing to turn up at the workplace by an employee without valid reasons. Absenteeism is unplanned absence in the workplace by an employee and does not include excused absences by the employer or supervisor (Doyle n.d.). Absenteeism has a negative impact on both employees and employers. The employer may decide not to pay the employee for taking a lot of time off or may decide to end the employment of the employee. Taking exces…

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