HR should step up to a strategic role

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HR should step up to a strategic role

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Strategic Human Resource Management Literature Review
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Strategic Human Resource Management Literature Review
Introduction and Purpose of the Research
Contemporary developments in the academic and professional domains of human resources have resulted in new roles and responsibilities for the HR personnel. Crush (2017) highlights that human resources professionals of today should be inventors of roles, organization communication, and frameworks aimed at addressing the hindrance facing business. Assertively, the purpose of this research is evaluating the factors attributed to HR becoming a strategic partner.
General Findings of the Research
Human Resources are rapidly becoming a crucial part of businesses’ cores with the augmenting strategic role where some HR leaders are members of organizations’ boards or executive report (Alexandria, 2015). Additionally, the Harvard Business Review (2015) insists HR leaders ought to use implements that speak the language of business as the foundation required for addressing the apparent issues. Some of the strategic frameworks and approaches that can apply to harnessing the HR expertise, as identified in the study, efficient talent recruitment and retention, among others. Still, for HR to become more of a strategic partner, there must be changes in both the aptitudes of personnel in the HR function and the operations of HR activities, according to Lawler and Mohrman (2003). Moreover, in addition t…

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