HPV Vaccine

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HPV Vaccine

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Over the years, physicians have always advocated for the vaccination of children from a tender age as a way of improving their immune system against disease-causing pathogens. Immunization is one of the preventive measures that have been put in place to limit the epidemiology of the disease in the populace an in the process improving public health. Parents have always heeded to the call to get their children immunized, but the same trend has not been observed when it comes to the HPV vaccine discussed in the article. According to the excerpt, the Johns Hopkins University had embarked on a research study to determine why the HPV vaccine has not received the intended response from parents in America (Wheeler 5). Parents have raised concerns about the vaccination even after it was approved by the FDA as a safe drug to administer to both males and females. The findings posited that safety and the necessity for the HPV vaccine were at the top of the list of reason why parents have chosen to keep their children away from the immunization process.
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