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Howard Gardner

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Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple IntelligencesInstructor

The theory of multiple intelligences by Dr. Howard Gardener was developed in 1983. Howard, an American psychologist, describes his theory using nine types of intelligence which include; intra-personal, interpersonal, existential, bodily-kinaesthetic, musical, logical-mathematical, naturalist, spatial and linguistic (Zepeda & Mayer, 2017). This paper will summarise the theory of multiple intelligences and how the theory is useful to teachers when planning instructional lessons.
The theory of multiple intelligences tries to contradict the intelligence quotient (IQ) by suggesting that a person possesses at least eight different and independent intelligences. According to Gardner, he defines intelligence as a combination of both biological and psychological characteristics that helps a person when solving a problem or creating a product that can be useful to the society.
Gardener concludes that the IQ only tests the logical-mathematical and linguistic intelligence which schools and cultures mostly focus on. He emphasizes that more attention should be given to people who express their intelligence through talents such as the musicians, artists, designers, dancers, therapists, and entrepreneurs. The theory of multiple intelligences suggests that teachers should be trained in how to present their lessons using different methods by incorporating music, role plays, field trips, and multimedia chann…

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