How to master your emotions

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How to master your emotions

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Master your Emotions
Emotions guide us in a million different ways; they help us note if something is right or wrong in our life. If one feels happy, then things are good internally, but if you feel bad then something might be off balance, and it needs to be changed or examined. According to Tony Robbins, “Every emotion has a message for you” (Robbins, 2017). Different emotions are categorized as signals. And if one understands the signal, then it is easier to make them serve you. “Master your state of mind” (Robbins, 2017) as a result you get excitement, happiness, and growth.
I have learned the core of emotions. That to understand my emotions and make them serve me, I have to take appropriate actions. Tony Robbins gives us different examples of signals and how to handle them. The action signal of being uncomfortable might include; boredom, impatience, distress, mildly embarrassed. The message that this signal sends is that one must change their state immediately. And the solution to this emotion of discomfort is to clarify what one wants in life and take immediate action. Fear; apprehension, concern, anxiety, terrified, scared. For example, if a friend of mine assumes me for a week I will be terrified, maybe our friendship has ended, I will be a slave to my emotions. The message sent is that I am not prepared to let go of our friendship, but the solution is that I need to be prepared for whatever my friend will tell me. By doing this, I am taking control of my own emoti…

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