How to build a strong Marriage

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How to build a strong Marriage

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How to Build a Strong Marriage
Intimacy between two people is an inherent characteristic of humans where they are naturally social beings. The interaction between people brings a sense of belonging where they develop interdependence with one another. The institution of marriage is a product of the intimate communication between two people. Over the years it has evolved from being a customary practice to a provision in the constitution. Today the law has accepted the union of individuals of the same sex unlike in the past where the cultural norms emphasized on the heterosexuality. Despite the structure of the relationship, marriage is prone to challenges that result into conflicts which if unchecked may result in the divorce.
Marriage is an integral part of human beings and is considered a vital rite of passage everybody is expecting to experience at a certain age in life. The union between two people is binding and recognized by the law allowing the offspring of the couple to have a legitimate status. As mentioned earlier, disagreements are inevitable in any interactive processes between people and marriage is no exception. Marriage counselors earn their living from the problems associated with married couples who seek the help of a third party to solve some of the issue threatening peaceful coexistence (Dion 140). However, to avoid unnecessary expenses and exposure to personal matters to a third par…

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