How the two readings are related.

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How the two readings are related.

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How the Two Reading are Related
Mark Anthony Neal’s “Bringing up Daddy” and Jeff Greenwald’s “Scratching the Surface” are some of the most renowned writings of all time. These two books dissect some of the key social-political issues common in the day-to-day. The books share a strong connection with each especially in terms of themes. Both “Bringing up Daddy” and “Scratching the Surface” highlights the themes of racism, gender, and community.
In the “Bringing up Daddy,” for instance, Neal’s central argument is that the “Strong Black Man”— a notion that African American civic leaders’ front and champion from one generation to another—is the reason blacks often face many problems. Even if they had good intentions when they created this ideal “Strong Black Man,” African Americans founded this ideal on a highly rigid model, which makes nonblack communities oppress and mistreat black women and children (Neal 272). Basing his contention on this argument, Mark Anthony Neal encourages African Americans to start thinking about constituting a new ideal, which he calls a “New Black Man.” According to Neal, a New Black Man is an avant-garde framework for the black verity in the 21st Century (274). This model according to Neal goes beyond patriarchy to support diversity, community, and children. Therefore, “Bringing up Daddy” is one book that reveals the modern black man in all his masculinity and vibran…

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