How reading changed my life

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How reading changed my life

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“How reading changed my life.”
In his book, How Reading Changed My Life, Quindlen makes a compelling argument of how reading helped change his life. Reading is a crucial part of life and a prerequisite in building literacy. More so, reading is an important source of virtually everything in existence. It improves one’s knowledge (Braunger and Lewis 6) and consequently increases a person’s opportunities. After taking a scholarship test, Quindlen (4) points out that he was certain of grabbing the scholarship. He attributes his success to deep reading.
Also, I was surprised when Quindlen (6) argues that “reading makes immigrants of us all”. Immigrants are individuals who relocate from their country in pursuit of opportunities. Reading gives people the power of knowing about other countries and cultures. Additionally, it enables individuals to find their way and make meaningful lives. It is, therefore, true that reading “takes us away from home” (Quindlen 6), but also empowers people to find their homes in various places.
However, Quindlen opines that reading is not necessarily always good. Sometimes, reading may limit a person’s chances. For example, today’s society requires people to read with their eyes set on a particular career or profession. As such, it is paramount for people to read something they don’t derive pleasure from, with the aim of securing employment and improving their professions. Further…

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