How Media Portrays Gun Violence

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How Media Portrays Gun Violence

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How Media Portrays Gun Violence
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How Media Portrays Gun Violence
According to Strasburger (2009) today the media plays a critical role in influencing the contemporary society in any way. Such influence has not been selective of behaviors that are shown to children via television shows and other news media with the advancement of technology. This does not put into considerations that children learn best through seeing. Like the electronic media so is the print media in passing out information regarding violence. In the American society, for example, the media; television is the American society’s central cultural arm and does not reflect culture anymore. Huesmann and Taylor, (2006) it works to enculturates those watching about its view, imparting aggressive behavior both in the short term and across the lifespan. Like the television shows the newspapers just show similar lifestyle phenomena like sex and violence unselectively to the readers and viewers. SgarziJ (n.d) in most news media coverage and headlines, reports of very young groups are being highlighted having committed murder crimes with ages ranging from 7-11 years old in Chicago, for example, being highlighted to have used guns. There has been increased school killing leaving behind unanswered questions of how safe the school environment is for children. For instance before the sentencing of two boys convicted of killing other children, Mitchell Jo…

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