How is Text Messaging affecting teen literacy

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How is Text Messaging affecting teen literacy

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How is Text Messaging Affecting Teen Literacy
In modern days, almost every student in college or university possesses a mobile phone. The funny part of it is that the students concentrate on their phones most of their time texting rather than making a call. The era of mobile phones has turned the communication approach where people used to make calls now to a short message texting (Plester, Wood and Bell 137). Texting being a common habit in the upper-class students is thought to have both negative and positive impacts on the literacy of the students. Teachers have reported receiving textism in most of the assignments that they give to their students. The paper intends to examine the effects of texting to the literacy of teen students. The paper shall explore both the negative and positive impacts of text messaging to the literacy of teen students. Additionally, the paper shall point out in a summary, the findings on the real actions and impact of the use of these text messages as far as literacy is concerned.
Studies have shown at some point that the use of text affects the literacy skills of people positively. It is argued that some of the abbreviated words that reflect in the message texts show a close correlation of high knowledge in literacy. Texting does not necessarily affect grammar of teens but helps in speeding up of communication. The results have been confirmed by a study done by Powell on the impact of texting on the effect of literacy of the students (Powell an…

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