How have you changed and Classroom Management

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How have you changed and Classroom Management

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What It Means to Be a Teacher
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What It Means to Be a Teacher
While to many it seems that teaching is like any other career, to me it is a noble cause that is responsible for making a lifelong influence on both the teacher and the student. What is normal in many other careers turns out to be of extreme importance in the teaching career. Every aspect of an educator’s life is under scrutiny for any little imperfection. As a teacher, everything you do has to offer a positive outlook towards life. From the mannerism, dress code, to the choice of lifestyle, each choice has consequences because the learners look up to the educator to offer proper guidance CITATION Low16 l 1033 (Lowery, 2016). This includes the company you keep because there are some buddies you have to let go for the sake of teaching.
As a teacher, I am the guardian on duty for the entire duration I am with the learners. I am also expected to be the nurse during emergencies or if any of the students has a medical problem. These responsibilities play a great part towards the improvement of my confidence, self-esteem, and personal satisfaction. The teaching profession is slowly turning me into a leader, and a motivator. I have a better outlook towards problem-solving as a result of my everyday encounters with my learners. For me to perform my duties without any hitches I am forced to make plans and do lots of research, and in the process, I am learning new things daily. Th…

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