How GIS (Geographical Information Systems) relates to Aids in Africa

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How GIS (Geographical Information Systems) relates to Aids in Africa

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Geographical Information Systems
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Geographical Information Systems
Geographic information system (GIS) involves capture, pile, change and analyze information from geographical areas. Additionally, it facilitates management and presentation of the obtained result of the analyzed geographical data. Therefore, GIS is a tool that used in the health sector to facilitate planning and intervention through investigation of epidemics like HIV/AIDs. Use of GIS technology enables problem-solving in the prevention of HIV transmission. It facilitates data acquisition, analyzing it and mapping it to develop basic intervention strategies and programs to improve decision-making.
A GIS uses information from different sources and the only requirement to qualify for use is the location. Therefore, in prevention and control of the spread of HIV the analysis of most affected areas in a country requires the use of GIS and spatial analysis. The capabilities of GIS make it the best option to solve issues that involve geographical data. The most critical phase in use of geographic data is an entry, analysis, and presentation of the data for result viewing.
Thomas, L., & Tiessen, R. (2010). Human security, gender-based violence and the spread of HIV/AIDS in Africa: A feminist analysis. Canadian Journal of African Studies/La Revue Canadienne des études africaines, 44(3), 479-502.
Most communities in Africa are male-dominated. Additionally, due to the…

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