How does translanguaging help bilingual students?

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How does translanguaging help bilingual students?

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Literature Review: Translanguaging and Bilingual Students
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In this essay, we aim to provide a thorough and complete review of the literature assessed during the course. In the same way, we shall review the main aspects of the papers to provide with a succinct version of the most important aspects of them.
Literature Review
Blackledge, A., & Creese, A. (2010). Translanguaging in the Bilingual Classroom: A Pedagogy for Learning and Teaching? The Modern Language Journal, 94(1), 103-115.
The purpose of this article is to assess and research on the most common understandings of what is a bilingual pedagogy. And how can it be used to approach language teaching and biliteracy in the classrooms. The authors consider that bilingual education should be used when possible. However, the authors do not advocate for a language to be more important than the other, instead they advocate the usage of both languages alongside each other. In this article, the authors take a perspective oriented toward language ecology perspective. Language ecology studies the language diversity within specific socio-political settings. In those settings, the language is used to create, reflect and challenge its limitations. This perspective is useful in the study since the authors intend to reflect on the importance of bilingualism as a way to improve the students’ career. In that sense, bilingual schools build diversity and allows students t…

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