How does traditional gender roles in movies shape social norms

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How does traditional gender roles in movies shape social norms

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How Do Traditional Gender Roles in Movies Shape Social Norms?
Today media occupies an influential position in shaping ideas and social norms of almost all individuals irrespective of age. There are many types of media like movies, television, newspapers, radio, advertisements and Internet that are all intended for selling some kind of idea and information. Society today depends mostly on the information thus obtained. Hence, they influence the lives and even change the way of thinking of many. Movies, however, have had the largest impact in shaping social norms from a very long time.
Regarding traditional gender roles, it has been found that they all vary in different countries. With passing years, traditions and ways of thinking have changed. Traditionally, men were at the head of the family with all powers of taking decisions and ruling the family and women were the nurtures. They were supposed to look after children and the household, and the men had to earn to maintain the family. The biological difference between men and women has often been portrayed in the movies and so women were pampered for being weak both physically and mentally who used to faint at the slightest of sounds and assisted wherever they went by an attendant especially the affluent class. (Connell 7)
Times have changed and with it the scenario of the society too. Modern movies now po…

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