How does poverty affect a students education

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How does poverty affect a students education

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Topic: Effects of Poverty on Education.
Thesis: Education a great tool to pass down knowledge, has been degraded by policies that ensure uniformity while poverty takes a toll on the poor students mental and physical aspects of learning.
Minority poor lack good set standards systems
This causes an equal measure to the rich well-provided kids
Poor medical health
This leads to deteriorating levels of concentration in class
Poor lifestyle.
Students suffer disorders but don’t have funds for treatment
Effects of Poverty on Education.
Education is the most basic form of knowledge that the society of today has. This is passed down in the next generations through learning in schools and institutions of higher learning. Poverty is one of the biggest factors that causes an average of 70% of the kids from the poor family struggle with their education. Poverty effects are through other factors such as the diversity of the students, language, expectations by different people of the students and different disabilities.
Diversity is major in the United States. A rich culture country, most of the states that have minorities such as Latinos are very poor. This makes it hard for students from struggling families to catch up with other students from rich well catered for families. This lowers student confidence. Diversity in this such states causes the poor student whose first language is not English at a d…

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