How does music affect your mood

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How does music affect your mood

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Effects of Music on Mood
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This paperwork analyzes the hypothesis on how music reduces the moods especially the negative ones. It will also focus on the effect of music on stress related factors that results in negative feelings. The study will be of significant effect on how people should manage negative moods by just using music as the best way to minimize stress related diseases such as heart attack and high blood pressure. Therefore, this paper is meant to support the already done research on how music help to relieve mood (Palacky, 2007). The paper has reviewed various works of literature to come out definite conclusion on how music impacts on individuals feelings. Approaches related to music and how it effects the change in beliefs gets discussed at length. It is true in the paper that music help elevate the happiness of an individual. It also improves the physical activity of a person. Conclusively, the paper concludes by focusing on the certain scenario when music cannot help the heartbroken individuals.

Human being state of mind is dynamic and keeps on changing depending on various factors such environment and the state of the brain. Several factors that affect human being’s state of mind are stress and anxiety. According to Bruscia (2012) three major pillars affect mood, significance of which includes; the first and the last thought in the day and someone’s dream life…

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