How do social media impact our interpersonal communication?

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How do social media impact our interpersonal communication?

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The main thought that comes to people’s minds when they hear the term social media is a channel through the internet that that enables them to meet, communicate, and form social networks with people from all over the world. Some may also have the perception that social media is primarily a channel that assists in the sending and receiving of information. Others, on the other hand, perceive social media as a way of getting updates on the events and people whom we follow. Social media is primarily defined as applications and websites that enable the users to create, comment on, and share digital content or to be a part of social networking (Clarke 12).
The internet has played an important role in revolutionizing the manner of communication between various parties. The penetration of this communication medium in society and the transfer of data have made it almost impossible to believe that a few years back, people had to wait patiently for days or weeks for letters to reach them. The internet has been paramount in making communication between various parties fast and easy. Social media has many positive impacts, the first being communication. People of this day and age are living in the digital era where the world as a whole is open to everyone.
Social media and other mobile technologies have quickened the rate of relationship development, the shar…

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