How do Americans define happiness today?

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How do Americans define happiness today?

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How do Americans define happiness today?
Happiness has been held as an inalienable American right from the very time the country was formed, and every American is free to pursue happiness. A significant majority of Americans believe that success is defined by happiness other than prestige, power or property possessions. They have changed how they define happiness in the current days as compared to the past. People have changed their focus from expensive cars, and huge houses, and they are now focusing on having a fulfilling life. They prefer to center on realizing individual goals, finding better careers, spending time with families, among other things that will act as sources of happiness.
According to findings from recent research studies conducted to determine how Americans define happiness today, the majority of Americans associate happiness with success realized from achieving personal goals. A considerable majority also indicated that they associate happiness with good relationships with family and friends. They define happiness by one loving what they do to earn a living.
Though it is quite challenging to determine and quantify what exactly defines happiness since every person has their unique and individual experience, a big majority of Americans no longer view the outdated wealth and fame as sources of happiness. Happiness today is more about setting personal goals and realizing happiness. All in all, Amer…

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