How Diversity Affects Teamwork in Organizations

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How Diversity Affects Teamwork in Organizations

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How Diversity Affects Teamwork in Organizations

How Diversity Affects Teamwork in Organizations
What is an example of how diversity can affect teamwork from your own experience?
Diversity in the workplace usually occurs whenever companies hire staff from varying religions, ages, genders, races or backgrounds. A diverse culture in a company usually affects companies in various ways. In my own experience, diversity can contribute to the efficiency of the teamwork levels in a company. Diversity, if not well-monitored and factored for in a company, can create problems in teamwork, by diving the employees according to their backgrounds (Guillaume, 2017). This creates low efficiency in the company. However, diversity can also create a strong bond in a team and improve its performance. This is done by encouraging team members to gain an interest in learning and appreciating the cultures other people in the organization.
What the tangible and intangible benefits for an organization that has diversity as a core value?
Tangible Benefits
Increasing Innovation
Creativity usually increases with the capitalization on differences. A significant number of the most creative periods in the world emerged when people from different backgrounds worked together. This also happens in organizations resulting in more innovations (US Office of Personnel Management, 2018).
Getting a Return on Investment
Inclusion and diversity usually improve the qualities of a workforc…

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