how did i choose my major

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how did i choose my major

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The reason I chose mechanical engineering as my major
As a student, the choice of subjects is often informed by personal goals, ambitions and above all, passion. Choosing to major in a given area of specialization needs a serious deliberation and a great deal of an afterthought.
As a student, the basis for choosing a major in mechanical engineering was solely based on my good performance in mathematics and science. As if this was nothing to go by, I had curiosity in design and evaluation of systems used in end product production. “ In some regions, engineers have combined multiple sources of power to fuel growing needs” (page 5) .The compelling desire to use and work with machines composed of hydraulic and the electric system was reason enough to employ my mathematical and scientific skill learned in high school to practice mechanical engineering (Constable et al, 63).
The thought that creating something that is tangible and of vital use in the major of mechanical engineering, appeared to be a window of opportunity to derive satisfaction. “ so deep-seated was Fords belief in the value of simplicity and standardization….”. The satisfaction in simply serving the society, just like Ford, with an idea that as useful and tangible compelled me to this major since I would live to be remembered (Constable et al, 67).
The fact that mechanical engineering is one of the broadest engineering major compelled me without any possible doubt th…

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