How can the government help people living in poverty

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How can the government help people living in poverty

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Fighting Poverty
The government plays a major role in fighting poverty. Some of the major ways the government can help people living in poverty include; the government can help create job opportunities CITATION Int p 41 l 2057 ( International Food Policy Research Institute 41). The level of unemployment in the country is on the rise. The government can come up with strategies to create job opportunities that will provide income for the poverty-stricken families.
The government should raise the minimum wage. Studies have shown that increasing the minimum wage increases employees’ income reducing the level of poverty in the country. In the labour department, the government should support equal pay for equal work. Men and women should receive the same wages for the same value work. The move will not only fight gender inequality but will also help increase a family’s domestic income.
Paid leaves and sick days should also be legalized (Parrott 38). It has become hard for families to balance between work and family. Some mothers are afraid of having children as they are afraid they will not have a source of income during the maternal leave. Some of the workers are forced to quit their jobs when they fall sick. The government should, therefore, come up with solutions to protect workers when they take time off either due to sickness or maternal leaves. Families should also be advised to take affordable medical covers to cover t…

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