How a company targets their consumers

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How a company targets their consumers

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How a Company Targets Its Customers
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How a Company Targets Its Customers
The organization I chose for this paper is McDonald’s, an American fast-food production company which operates worldwide and which headquarters are in Illinois. McDonald’s customers are mainly segmented based on demographics. The company has products designed for kids, families, and students which vary according to the lifestyle of the customers. The use of personal selling in the different company’s outlets enables McDonald’s to determine customers’ needs and preferences. Originally known for the production of hamburgers, the company currently offers a variety of fast foods which include soft drinks, chicken, salads, desserts, coffee, french-fries among other beverages. The wide range of high-quality products is targeted for satisfying the different preferences and needs that customers have. (Jaggi, & Bahl, 2015).
McDonald’s uses psychological pricing as well as price bundling which involves charging a reduced price for a bulk of products compared to the price of purchasing the individual products. In addition to offering quantity discounts, McDonald’s also employs different promotional strategies aimed at attracting more customers and building the company’s brand. Some of these strategies include coupons, for example, having free meal weeks, and various contests where winners are awarded. These strategies not only promote brand loyalty but also a…

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