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Hospitalized patient and collaborative care

Hospitalized patient and collaborative care
Due to the increasing demand of the admitted patient who is aged and needs hip surgery, there is a need for health professionals to merge. The collaboration of the health professional is necessary for sharing information and appropriate skills. The patient will, therefore, be in the hands of nurses, radiographic technologists, phlebotomists and medical lab technicians, radiation oncologist and hygiene dentist.
Nurses provide comprehensive care during the process of surgery from the moment the woman gets admission into the hospital (De Fine, Romagnoli, Zaffagnini & Pignatti, 2017). Nurses will ensure that the patient understands nutritious meals full of calcium and iron before the patient goes for operation. In the theatre, nurses avail themselves to the surgeons in the theatre room and after surgery; they also give care and examine the healing process.
Radiography is vital in X-ray imaging where examination of hip arthroplasty takes place with conventional plain-film radiography (De Jonge, Christmas, Andersen, Franckowiak, Mears, Levy & Seiber, 2001). The general prosthesis will be entirely on second orthogonal X-rays. The acetabula, leg length, and valgus stem position will be examined and compared with the standard structures, and it’s usually before surgery.
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