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Customer service is integral in hospitality. This paper seeks to understand the roles of service in the hospitality industry.
Briefly describe the intended purpose and expectations for employees who have been trained for responsible beverage service.
The purpose is to increase business productivity through quality customer handling, to motivate employees by teaching the required knowledge to work well and make them aware of the importance of quality service (Cousins et al. 13). They are expected to help prevent property damage, prevent underage drinking and ensure no drink and driving to keep the community safe.
Outline and briefly explain all the phases of a well-planned employment hiring process.
The phases include planning, recruitment, and selection (Gatewood et al. 24). Planning involves deciding on the number of employees required and skills needed by evaluating the labor pool. Recruitment involves job advertisements through job posting. Candidates who respond are then called in for an interview for assessments of qualification. Last is selection, where the employer evaluates the applicants from the recruitment phase, then offering employment to qualified individuals.
What is service? How does the level of expected service standards and the service style change, based on operational variables such as; type of operation, target customer, service style, meal periods, and menus offered?
Service involves providing he…

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