Horror Movie Argumentative Assignment

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Horror Movie Argumentative Assignment

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Movie Argumentative Assignment: Please Help Me!!
For many years, I have been hearing about stories on demons and black powers but appeared to be some myths and narratives to frighten kids. Moreover, coming from a Christian family, the stories seemed to be fiction and appeared not to concern me. Additionally, my parents always stood by me in situations making the stories on demons to be a minor issue on my perspective. However, the doll my parents bought me seems to be the cause of my nightmares despite the immense happiness I had on receiving it as I had eyed it since I saw it in the mall the previous day. Therefore, it gives me a thought of the existence of demons and the black power despite having ignored it from the stories all through; my life is in danger, please, help me.
In my mind, it was disbelief. A doll cannot be the cause of my misfortunes, and everything seems upside down now. My joy is now my grief. Moreover, the precious birthday gift of the beautiful doll should be some addition to my previous happiness. Things have been going on smoothly and fine for me recently to the extent that I was counting my blessings and boosting over my overwhelming success. My family not being left aside, they enjoyed my outstanding progress and breakthrough in life. However, things change drastically. Look! The shift of events, a terrific big watch hanging on my hand, the hallucinations are real and everyday occurrences.

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