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Homophobia refers to an irrational, exaggerated, and unfair fear or hatred of someone due to their sexual orientation. Homophobia can also be an unreasonable fear of developing homosexual feelings or embarrassment when people acknowledge one as gay (Hiebert 489). This problem emerges since some people will always oppose someone’s lifestyle or self-disapprove their life decisions. These individuals may choose to express their homophobic habits directly through insults, intimidation and physical attacks or indirectly by ignoring the interests of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) (O’Brien and McEvoy 4). Significant progress has occurred in the modern world as some nations (the United States, Britain, and Canada) have legalized same-sex marriage, while others (Australia, South Africa and so forth) protect or recognize those engaging in gay relations (Hiebert 488). Nonetheless, tensions remain between the LGBT community and the rest of the society since some people still consider homosexuality as an abnormality. Homophobia is, therefore, an unnecessary, but pressing issue, which causes hate among people, an aspect that poses grave implications within the community.

Homophobia should not exist in today’s world since it serves as a form of oppression that wrongly controls the LGBT community. This issue has existed as a political device since the colonial period, where the colonial empires banned same-sex relations to control people’s cultural identity…

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