Homophobia revised

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Homophobia revised

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Prejudice and hate against gay people remain a thorny issue in today’s world. This problem also known as homophobia has adversely affected the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community. Homophobia arises primarily because some individuals will always be against other people’s lifestyles. Such individuals can express their homophobia directly by using homophobic slurs, insults, and intimidation or indirectly by giving LGBT people the cold shoulder (O’Brien and McEvoy 4). Either way, homophobia is a critical problem as it results in hatred, which further divides people within the already diverse society.
The leading solution to this problem is for people to start acknowledging or learning that it is impossible to change someone’s life decisions. This approach is possible through numerous ways. Firstly, schools and other learning institutions should continue educating people about the importance and need to accept diversity in the contemporary world (Burns 35). Secondly, members of the LGBT community should also receive education, which will help them understand their rights and consequently, deal with discrimination (Burns 36). Thirdly, there should be an inclusive and supportive environment, where LGBT individuals feel that they are of significant value and have an avenue to address their problems (O’Brien and McEvoy 6). Therefore, there need to be sound policies, which can tackle hom…

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