Homework2 Security of Web Services

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Homework2 Security of Web Services

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Security of Web Services
Differences between Web Services and Previous Technologies
Web services are considerably different from previous technologies from their granularity, their purpose, addressing scheme, app interface, and payload.
Table SEQ Table * ARABIC 1 Differences between Object-Oriented Systems and Web Service
Attribute Object-Oriented Web Service
Granularity Object instances Service instances
Purpose Organizing parameter values creation of request payload
Addressing Scheme Routed to a distinctive object instance A single endpoint address per service
App Interface Specific to the object or class. The description is specific to the middleware such as IDL. Specific to the service. The description is specific to the protocol such as WSDL.
Payload Yes Yes
Instances When Web Services Inapplicable
The use of web services is usually an outstanding architectural methodology, especially with the current technologies such as WCF in C# by Microsoft. Contrary to common practice, web services are not applicable in every case. For instance, the use of web services in the data access layer to make database requests. The web app and web service are hosted on a single web server for small applications that have a few users which means that no other application will be able to reuse the web service. Therefore, the resources spent invoking the web service increments the load on the web server which in turn affects pe…

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