homelessness in rural communities

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homelessness in rural communities

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Homelessness in Rural Communities
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The term homelessness has various definitions, and each will depend on the circumstance of an individual. A homeless individual is one that stays in an unstable place. For instance, living in a vehicle, doubling up with friends, living in abandoned buildings, or living on the streets denotes situations of homelessness. A person may become homeless due to the cost of housing or the lack of income. Homelessness is perceived as an urban challenge, but it should be noted that it also experienced in rural areas. However, it is challenging to estimate the rate of rural homelessness due to the lack of or the presence of inadequate records. Factors that contribute to rural homelessness include domestic violence, addictions, mental health problems, and immigrants. Some of the ways that can be used to address rural homelessness include service delivery to rural areas, support groups, job creation, and policy formulation. The aspect of rural homelessness has not been adequately studied hence calling for further research to fill this gap.

Annotated Bibliography
Schiff, J. W., Schiff, R., Turner, A., & Bernard, K. (2015). Rural homelessness in Canada: Directions for planning and research. Journal of Rural and Community Development, 10(4), 85-106. Retrieved from journals.brandonu.ca/jrcd/article/download/1230/293
Most research has focused on identifying homelessness in urban Canada while ignoring the p…

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