Hofstede Cultural Dimension.edited

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Hofstede Cultural Dimension.edited

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Hofstede’s Organizational Culture in Zappos videos
The two videos indicate that organizational culture and strategy act as the primary levers at the disposal of Zappos management in their quest for constant organizational effectiveness and viability. Zappos uses the open vs. closed system as Hofstede’s organizational culture dimension to serve two purposes. First, the culture dimension allows Zappos to focus its efforts and consolidate task structure and expertise around their products. Secondly, their open cultural approach (friendly to newcomers and integrating them into the organization) helps in creating and nurturing a more focused set of knowledge, skills, and experiences around their products.
The choice of Organizational Culture Dimensions
For my future workplace, I would like to see employee vs. work centered organizational culture dimension. The dimension provides a strategic plan that defines organizational clarity and focuses on managers’ and employees’ collective decision making and action plan. The recent case-based research found that employee vs. work centered helps in planning and setting choices that an organization can use to mobilize its culture and people around product design (Beugelsdijk, Kostova, & Roth, 2017). For instance, employee-centered management design will help leaders to integrate adaptive elements that can scan and assess the external environment for risk management.
The Questions to Ask in an Interview
Based on the structural o…

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