History of Psychology/Philosophy

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History of Psychology/Philosophy

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History of Psychology Philosophy
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History of Psychology Philosophy
Psychology cannot be reduced to physiology. However, they both relate in the sense that physiological psychology forms a subfield of psychology which majorly focuses on the behavioral effects of physiology. That is, it is more concerned on how biology and genetics affect memory, emotional response states of consciousness, mental illness as well as sensory perception. Conversely, physiology is the best psychology, the answer on how human mind operates can only be found in human physiology. Thought experiment and behavior studies are designed with intention of understanding the mechanism of the brain and this is physiology although indirect. This does not imply that language and thus cultures are not critical. However, they can only be best explained in the context of evolution which has evolved from psychological principles.
The establishment of psychology as a science separate from philosophy and biology raised debate on how to explain and describe human behavior and mind. During this time the first major schools of psychology to emerge were structuralism and functionalism (Chung, & Hyland, 2011). Structuralism majorly focused on breaking down the mental processes into simple components. Introspection was the method researchers tried to use to understand the basic components of consciousness. On the other hand, functionalism was established as a form of reaction to struc…

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