History Islam Text 4

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History Islam Text 4

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History Islam Text 4
The extract describes the fall of Baghdad with Ain Jalut. The passage describes the events taking place in the last stages of the Abbasid Empire. The dynasty comes to an end because of attacks from the Tatar armies. During this period, Baghdad was a flourishing city known for its advancement in science and education. It was the pride of the Abbasid Empire since earlier Caliphates had developed the city very well. The author of the passage gives a first-hand account of the events leading to the fall of Baghdad and the events that take place after.
The author of the main extract agenda is to provide a detailed chronological record of the events leading to the fall of Baghdad and the battle that drove the Tatar away (Boyle, 150). The accounts provided go in the passage are consistent with historical records. The intended target is future generations of Muslims so that they can have an idea about the history of the Islamic world. Furthermore, the opinion of the author is in sync with other Islamic historical documents.
In the passage, the author notes that the Caliphate is a powerless leader, who spends most of his time drinking and entertaining women. This shows the weak nature of the Caliphate and subsequently, that that of the dynasty. This is consistent with the rest of the manuscript which shows the last Caliphate ruled in this period. Furthermore, it shows the attacks of the Mon…

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