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History Islam Text 3

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Historical Islam Text 3
The passage is about one of the independent rules of the Abbasid territories. The author follows the life of an exceptional s black slave named Kafur al-Ikhshidi. The slave had defied all odds and rose to power becoming an independent governor in the empire. The primary purpose of the author is to provide an accurate account of the events leading to the rise of local dynasties and the decline of the Abbasid Empire. Additionally, the passage provides an objective perspective of the state of the empire during this period.
The extracts show how the local dynasties came to power and gained independence from the empire. During this era, the Abbasid had lost control of the provinces. Even though the regime maintained a working relationship with each province, they were governed by independent rulers who had their armies. Furthermore, these rulers were mostly Arabs, local, or Turkish people. According to Islamic history, the rise of local dynasties was a significant factor behind the decline and collapse of the Abbasid dynasty.
During this time, the Islamic world was composed of people from different cultures. From the ninth century, many of the provinces formed dynasties that rivaled the Abbasid dynasty. The passage identifies one such regime, the Fatimid Caliphate, who rule lasted for three centuries. Furthermore, these local dynasties changed allegiances depending on the nature of th…

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