History Islam Text 2

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History Islam Text 2

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History Islam Text 2
The passage is a confession by a Caliph as to the conditions of the powers and the state of the dynasty. The author gives a first-hand perspective about the declining influence of the Caliphate. According to Islamic historical records, the Abbasid Dynasty was facing numerous problems ranging from rebellions to lack of authority.
The passage is a confession of a Caliph who says the people are angry at the rule because some Turkish slaves viewed themselves as equal to other Muslims. The passage identifies that some slaves were allowed to run their affairs as well as control their finances and exercise sole power. This goes along with the historical events during the decline of the Abbasid Dynasty. The people were angry at the Caliphate for allowing his soldiers to hold own property. Furthermore, in the extract, the Caliph admits that he has already lost control of the empire since the authority of the Caliphate was already ruined. This is consistent with the factors leading to the decline of the Abbasid Dynasty (Turner, 12).
The narrator in the passage notes that the generals in the empire follow their actions regardless of the Caliphate`s orders. When they are sent to settle disputes and maintain law and order, they insist on being paid first and at times fail to deliver. This is consistent with the events leading to the slow decline of the dynasty according to historical literatur…

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