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History Islam Text 1

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The History of Islam.
The excerpt is extracted from a chronicle that outlines the establishment and the expansion of the Umayyad caliphate. The difference in the opinion is seen in the quest to succeed Prophet Mohammed upon his demise. The Helpers want Ubada to succeed him even though he is sick and frail (Lewis 2). However, the Emigrants feels left out and wish to have Bakr as the successor.
The perspective of the author is envisioned in the succession plan where each side feels to be more supreme than the other and more deserving to have one of their own take over the reins. The only way to solve the problem is inclusivity and assuring each one of them a sense of belonging. By doing so, Bakr manages to do this and ascends to the helm of the Caliph.
An interesting historical aspect is that the two groups hail from different ancestors and fear domination from the other. The pride of each having one of them take over from the great Prophet is another factor fueling the conflict. The two groups have never had a common ground even though each identifies itself with the Prophet. They consider themselves pioneers of the religion in the new caliph (Levis 3).
The intention of the author is to reveal the chronological happens during and after the establishment of the caliphate. The Islamic world and all the historians can access the article and get to understand the chronology of things as they happened. The start of the Islamic conflicts and the…

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